My personal belongings, my affairs

That's a wall that I have in my office, at home. Well, everybody says that usually a wall like this is a tool interesting to collect things that we need use frecuently. But, in my case, it's a map of myself or, more strictly speaking, of my last version of me.


Newton in Cambridge

My friend Juan Álvarez has designed this beautiful composition for a comicbook, with Newton in Cambrigde. The colour is made by Jorge G. They are, both of them, cartoonists very recognized in Murcia, the city where we live. Let me recommend you click over the picture to see it in big size to better admire their job.



This summer I'll travel to Rome one more time. There are ten months since my last visit and I miss its cobbled streets and its red façades. In this ocasion, I don't want falling in all these tentations that Rome offers me: excellent food, design everywhere, fashion... Just enjoy stones, art and light, and fresh water in the public fountains.
This time is the time to know Rome by night and also Firenze and Nappoli, one day in each city.
I consider these holidays a break. In my job and in my learning of English too. Certainly, to improve my English every day is very important to me, but I know that remaining ten days in Italy I'll be immersed in Italian lenguage and I must profit the ocasion.
I'll choose let here in Murcia my laptop. When I need check my email I'll found an Internet center.
I'll choose let here my problems. When I need to be busy I'll search figures in the clouds.


I'm testing a new tool

Any cities where I'm living or visiting.


Just a little help to my teacher

My English teacher, Stephen Hasler, wonts build a blog with the scripts and mp3 archives fron his new programe of radio "A bit of class".
I would like help him with any specifics tools. Today, I'm testing Megaupload:



Music inside the hole

The promotional video "Sónar 2010 - Finisterrae: Etapa 2. Pescando" gives me sensations from the past. Great moment with Jeff Mills. See inside the hole like the gost does!


Following Soichi

Spain coast. on Twitpic

Since February I'm following this astronaut who show us Earth.


A tribute by Juan Álvarez y Jorge G. in "El jueves" magazine

This story appears in nº 1.713, page 50. The secondary character is a web producer, a girl dressed in black, long hair and glasses (just to read)... like me!
I'm sure, it's not a coincidence, it's a nice tribute by my friends cartoonists in "El jueves" magazine. Thank's a lot!


Inside Pocoyó

"Pocoyó" is a great spanish product of animation for children. He offer us a lot of videos in his YouTube channel and games in his web page. And there, it's possible "pocoyizarse", like Miguel, Jesús and me have done.


A tribute for Bali and my own generation

Yesterday night, my partner Jesus and I were to gala tribute "Por Bali", a prolific actor, a connaisseur of rock and roll and many other music, a charming and kindly man whom everybody loved, suddenly death a fee weeks ago, letting us in shock.

The reaction of his acquaintances and friends over the Internet was tremendous from the start. The act of last night, with dozens of public testimonies of affection expressed to the family, could move something inside me, especially the chance to know him better. But it also made me feel that a social action around something so private and terrific is too hard. I would have been very difficult to digest if it had been around my husband or my brother.

In any case, more personal, the party made me think that I don´t want to lose touch with the generation to which I belong, yesterday represented by musicians, actors and other cultural producers,... like me in the past.

Now that I work just in new technologies, creative people around is quite younger than me. The relationships I have established now are very interesting and productives, but less comfortable. I go to follow the evolution of my generation mates.

Image on top, from Javier Balibrea Blog, El Bali's brother and main producer of gala tribute.


Holidays in Rome

This summer I don't have go to England, Rome was waiting for me. After come in June just for work, I've could remain 12 days like tourist and enjoy all the time. Rome is a city with a big cultural offer. A little part of the things that I can see are in the collections "Roma Contemporánea" and "Roma Monumental".
Museums, monuments, "tratorias", gardens, "villas", streets, ice-creams, "pasta", basilico, people...

Vaticano, Colosseo, Panteon, Villa Borghese, The Ara Pacis, Macro... To buy books, music, films and games, "La Feltrinelli", in Torre di Largo Argentina and in the Alberto Sordi Gallery too.

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